Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ol' Tom Foolery

so, I checked my mail friday afternoon and I got my old tom foolery greeting cards!! Thanks again to Vanessa over at maxxsilly for the contest! I recieved 6 cards, here's my favourite..

it works out perfect! I will have to go over to the base and leave this in my B
eau's truck as  a nice little surprise for when he comes back from training! Can you read the bottom? it says 

*except for that stinkhole you call a bellybutton. Or should I say smellybutton? seriously. I can smell it from here.

Heres all the cards with the little note from Vanessa!

I've got playdates coming out of my wazoo this week, but the little one and I have an art project planned this week - a "we missed you daddy!" banner. and the layer cake will be made saturday! woohoo! Please leave comments, I just love when people leave them!!

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  1. Glad you finally received them! Enjoy the cards!