Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting ready for Easter!

So easter is just around the corner, and I haven't really done any decorating. I'm a big scrapbooker and over at Hostess-with-the-Mostess, she shared a really cute and easy idea for a bunny banner! so I'm making one to hang in out kitchen window with some twinkly lights (so you can see them at night of course) and I'm making a few to hang in our "Sharing Board". The sharing board is where I hung all our birthday cards a few posts back. I took a picture of the start of the project to share with you, and I'll post the "after" pictures tomorrow! My little one also slept in till TEN o'clock this morning so I managed to start getting my halloween coins in the order I wanted them sewn in.

I always like to save all the cards we get. Here's all our birthday cards, and they will go into
 my card keeper box from hallmark.

Here's how I layed out the bunnies on 12x12 cardstock. there's enough room left over for two easter eggs that my little one will get to "draw" on to decorate. (how much can you expect a one year old to draw!?)

and this picture is just because I thought the little and big footprints from trekking thru puddles was cute :)

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