Monday, March 23, 2009

Inspiration : upcoming giveaway : Artfire

well, our routines are starting to get back to normal. I finally have dishes to do! I never thought I'd be happy to have those back.

Have you guys check out artfire? I'm signing up for an account. I've got some little things I'd like to sell, some sewn stuff, some paper stuff and some photo stuff. I'll let you know once I get an account (I'll be doing giveaways, so keep checking back with me on it!). In fact, my first giveaway will be to the person who helps me come up wi
th a name, so start thinking and you'll have a headstart once I post the prize!!

I've left the pattern for my one quilt back in ontario, so that one is on hold for now. so I can start cutting up my charm pack for my halloween coin stackers quilt, and start cutting squares for my denim rag quilt! I just love halloween!

I'm also starting to plan easter dinner. I'm not sure if we'll have Ham, but I know we'll be having stuffing!!! and I'm looking for a neat dessert idea to have as an easter tradition, suggestions?

Here's some photos for you guys. Mine and my littles one birthday cards we recieved and a new trick my little one has learned....lil trouble maker!

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  1. In answer to your question, the deadline to mail items for the Spring Swap will be sometime the week of April be announced once I get all of the partners assigned.