Thursday, February 26, 2009


so, I guess I'm one of the last ones to know about Etsy. but I love it anyways. I found the perfect necklace and I can't wait to look around more. I'm getting so much inspiration from all the blogs I've been looking at!!! I've bid on some fabric to make a dog bed for my lovely Zelda (hopefully I win it!). the Boy is on spring break next week, so hopefully I can get both my quilts done! and maybe I'll get some nice fabric for my birthday on the 11th ;)

I have some pictures to upload, that I'll do later. (zelda, the snow and another favourite!)

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  1. hi there.
    i wasn't sure where to answer you at since you are a no reply blogger, but to answer you question:


    i find swaps all over the place.

    i always look on swapdex. you might have seen that on my blogroll.

    here is a group that swaps every month. if you wanna swap that month you can, if you don't then don't. {you'll have to wait to sign up for april though.}

    here's another group JUST like the one above. {except you make real mini quilts.}

    here is a group that i just joined. there's still time to sign up.

    i hope this helps you some.

    oh and etsy is really, really nice.
    the people are amazing!!!