Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the 50's!

Well, I got my little sewing machine (and I mean little and basic). So I've started to sew my quilts again and took some pictures of them being a "Work In Progress". I've become addicted to SewMamaSew (see blogs I follow)! They have SO many cute ideas. I just need a pattern for an apron...anyone? 
I also found a cute pattern called "Coin Stacker baby quilt" that is featured on the moda bake shop. This pattern works out perfectly for the two Chic-Or-Treat charm packs I bought! I'll replace the white with black, and try to find a
cute backing fabric. That one will be passed on to my son, as well as a large red and white quilt I'd like to make (his favourite colour is red). Does anyone know
 have simple patterns? I'm also looking for a march fabric swap to participate in, 

so if someone has information please pass it along!!!!

Also, check out this site for some neat 50's stuff (I stumbled across it looking for diner recipes for my birthday dinner!

And here's a link to a 
green comet that you should be able to see in the sky for the next few

I'm currently playing around with different skins. Comme
nts? Suggestions? com
plaints? let me know.


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  1. Hi Ky,
    A really great online resource for quilt blocks is:

    There are literally hundreds of quilt block patterns there.

    Beware though! I can get lost in these sites for hours! :)

    Have fun!

    Another great website is:


    This one has free quilt patterns, not just the blocks.